dimanche 23 octobre 2011

'Harry Potter : 1st Year' Process

Hi everyone ! 

I'm reading again the Harry Potter books, and I wanted to draw a little fanart. Here was my process :

1- color pencil sketch first (Here it's in grey tones). I wanted to have the three main characters in their first year school, with a focus on Harry. So the composition is very simple but I think it works.

2- Little color sketches. This step is very important, it's like a battle plan for me. I'm always comparing the illustration I'm working on to those thumbs. At this step, I'm picking the mood I want and the lights/shades.
 My first idea about the main mood of this  illustration is quite close to the one I chose for my final illustration. I wanted a lot of red, with warm yellow/orange lights, as a reminder of the Gryffindor house which is represented by yellow and red. But I also tried other moods. It's always interesting, you can find new paths and new moods, and it can comforts you in your choice. I picked the 2nd thumb. 

3- Grey tones sketch. Here I'm working on the lights again, and on the shapes, but I'm going deeper in the idea I want. Also, this sketch is coming just before the final step, so I'm adding more details on the characters. When I'm ready, I'm painting over this sketch.

4- And the final step : The colors and details.
This the serious step, adding colors and details, adding textures and effects, and so on. I'm also retaking things, like the hand of Ron which was too big on the sketch, or the head of Hermione too small. This is the longest step, I think you know why =)

And then it's finished ! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Stay tuned !

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  1. Thank you !
    I just visited your blog, I love your characters they are very dynamic, and I see that you're mastering the colors too, it's very inspiring !