mercredi 11 juillet 2012

mardi 3 juillet 2012

Le Santropol Roulant

Sketches I did at the Happening event of the Santropol Roulant June 21th.
What is the Santropol Roulant ?

"Santropol Roulant is a Montreal-based not-for-profit organization founded and run by young people in the community. We bring people together across generations and cultures through our innovative meals-on-wheels service, our intergenerational activities and our volunteer programs."

You can find more informations about the awesome work they're doing on their website :
(They have greenhouses, garden and BEEHIVES on their rooftop ! In the center of Montreal ! This is so incredible ! )

It was very interesting for me to do this little gig, because I was like a reporter in the event but drawing things instead of taking photos. I'm really glad the team had confidence in me, and for that I'm really thankful !

Thank you again Santropol Roulant team !
Stay tuned !

mardi 19 juin 2012

The Back Siders I

Oh hey !

Always experimenting things with black ink. I should do some color one day, or I will lose all my skills.

Anyway, here is a little serie of doodles I'm starting. it'as about weapons, monsters, and heroes. At least, the back of them.

First one, The Staff !

Stay tuned !

vendredi 8 juin 2012

The Bagel Rider

I'm now living in Montreal, and I'm doing fine.

I launched a new sport : eating all the bagels you can while you're biking ! It's very funny, but you need a lot of water too.

Stay tuned, there is more to come !

mardi 20 mars 2012

Jak & Jean

Here's a little drawing I did for a serie I'm working on. This guy is called Jak McCoy, and he is an adventurer. Each month on the Dandy Manufacture, I'm releasing a painting where we can see where he is and what he's discovering = ) 
Also I did a little tribute to Jean Giraud, aka "Mœbius" and "Gir", a great french artist who passed away March 10th. To be honest, I discovered his illustrations very lately, and I read a few things from him, so I wasn't directly influenced by his work. But  I know that a lot of great artists that I admire were, and it was for me very reassuring to know that this guy was drawing somewhere, on earth. I hope new generations of artists will have interest in his very rich works. Also if you can try to watch interviews of him : They are little treasures of informations about how to understand Art.

Rest in peace sir.

Stay Tuned.

mardi 13 mars 2012

The Fellowship of the Ring

I recently watched  "The Fellowship of the Ring", and while sketching in front of it I had this idea... Hope you will like it = )
I'm really enjoying black & white. It's cool to be free from the pressure of the choice of colors. 
Some close-ups :

Stay tuned !

lundi 12 mars 2012


Hi there, long time no see ! I should have uploaded this blog, but I'm very busy these days. I had to move from Paris, to come back to my home town, and then... I will soon depart for Montreal ! Yeah ! I'm at the dawn of a new adventure, I can't wait to drown myself in this land for a whole year.
I will try to feed this blog with at least sketches, maybe illustrations. Speaking of it, my buddy öckto and I launched our common website. it's called 'the Dandy Manufacture', and you can see our works  here 
More things will be posted on it through the year. Just throw an eye on it, I will be glad if it please you = )

But right now I'm going to show you a little serie I did the last month. In fact, it's a serie of gifts and commissions : the Poker party was a gift for Sosou , the talented webmaster behind the Dandy Manufacture ; The raccoons ambush was commission for a friend, who will give it to her nephew; and finally, a friend asked me to draw him a cool Panda.

I think I will do more of humanized animals, it's kinda fun.

Stay Tuned !

jeudi 26 janvier 2012

Artefacts of Branly

More sketches from museums of Paris. This time it's from the awesome Branly museum. I think this museum is as awesome as the Louvre. Really, you have a lot cultural objects from every locations of the world. It's beautiful and very inspiring !
So I used the same process as the one I used for the Louvre sketches:  I used a technical pencil filled with black ink, and also a Pentel brush. I added watercolors at home, helped by photo refs I took. 

Nowadays I'm working my gouache skills, so stay tuned !

dimanche 15 janvier 2012

The Lions of the Louvre

Since  mid-October, I decided to fill 9 watercolor paper sheets with objects from the Louvre. The museum is doing "nocturnes" every wednesday, and close at  9:30 pm. Few people, ancient objects fulls of history under every windows, that sounds like perfect conditions for sketching !
 So I did some sketches from random objects I found in my walkthrough and, as you can see, there are a lot of lions in the museum !

I used a technical pencil filled with black ink, and also a Pentel brush. I added watercolors at home, with photo refs I took with my phone.

Stay tuned !

vendredi 6 janvier 2012

Where's the deluxe version ?

A little fanart of the movie 'Drive'.
The movie is really beautiful, and the soundtrack is perfect... But I was a bit disappointed by the story. Maybe because a lot of people told me the movie was 'perfect'....

I drew the whole driver, here is his face = )

And here is a track of the terrific OST : 

Stay tuned !

lundi 2 janvier 2012

The Villains

As long as I m at my parent's I can't work on big illustrations without my light table, so here are some other doodles. I'm in a mood of drawing bad guys, so here they are !

From 'Berserk', by Kentaro Miura.
From the Street Fighter games !

-Gôda Kazundo-
From the second season of 'Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex'. Such a very good anime, watch it !
(Dunno about you, but this guy looks very creepy for me )

From Naoki Urasawa 's best seller manga, '20th Century Boys'.

I will be back with bigger things next time ! Stay Tuned !

Oh and I almost forgot : Happy New Year ! =)