mardi 20 décembre 2011

Ahoy Cap'n !

Last week I discovered that I can refill my black Pentel brush with a big bottle of black ink, which is crazily less expensive than the Pentel cartridges. To celebrate that, I did a bunch of pirates, arrrr ! (and I'm always experimenting watercolor textures in photoshop)

Stay Tuned !

mardi 6 décembre 2011

A nightmare on Elm street

Another Wes Craven movie poster, with the famous Freddy Krueger in it = )
Stay tuned !

lundi 5 décembre 2011

The Hills Have Eyes

I'm actually doing old movies posters. Here's the first one : 'The hills have eyes' by Wes Craven. I'm of course speaking of the 1977 version of the movie (They made a remake in 2005, or something like that).
Also here is a little doodle I did for  friend, fan of the movie. It's one of the bad guy in the movie : Pluto (performed by Michael Berryman. Such a cool face he has ! ). It's watercolor on smooth paper. 

Stay Tuned.

dimanche 4 décembre 2011

Screw the World

I was not really in a good mood when I did this illustration. I'm just tired to see people screwing everything for making more money.
Stay Tuned.

mardi 8 novembre 2011

The Dandy Birdies

My buddy öckto challenged me on a theme : the dandy birdies. They are birds, but they're also dandies.
So here they are, pigeon, raven and duck !
 Black ink with watercolors on 300g watercolor paper.

Stay tuned !

vendredi 4 novembre 2011

Tyrion Lannister, son of Tywin

It's been a while since I want to draw a character from 'A Song of Ice and Fire', by Georges RR Martin. It was hard to get rid of the image of Peter Dinklage, who is great in the TV show, so I tried to get close to my first impression of the character I had in the books. But well, the result is very close to Mr Dinklage... I will try to be more original with the other Lannisters. Yeah, because I want to draw the whole family now !

I wanted to draw Tyrion in battle suit. I don't know why, but I was influenced by the Blackwater Battle. My first idea was to draw him when he's wounded, but I decided to save the dynamic scene for his elder brother. So finally, I decided to draw Tyrion before the battle, in his tent, finishing to suit him up.
So Here are some compo thumbs. I choose the middle one, more easy to catch the whole bunch of details ( the helmet, the wine and books, the girl).
Some colored thumbs, pretty similars. The final is a mix of the 2 last ones.

And then the illustration...

Stay tuned !

mardi 1 novembre 2011

Outdoor Paintings 1st session

Hi everyone !
So I continue with some work on lights and colors with outdoor paintings (a bit of acrylic, a lot of watercolors). Weather is getting a bit cold because as Ned used to say, 'Winter is coming', but painting outside is a very good training to improve your composition/light/colors/movement/anatomy skills. And because you're not playing at home, it's very challenging (and more fun when you go paint with friends). So here are my little paintings, from old to recent, I mostly did in Paris streets, Montmartre and Chaumont parks.

Stay Tuned !

dimanche 23 octobre 2011

'Harry Potter : 1st Year' Process

Hi everyone ! 

I'm reading again the Harry Potter books, and I wanted to draw a little fanart. Here was my process :

1- color pencil sketch first (Here it's in grey tones). I wanted to have the three main characters in their first year school, with a focus on Harry. So the composition is very simple but I think it works.

2- Little color sketches. This step is very important, it's like a battle plan for me. I'm always comparing the illustration I'm working on to those thumbs. At this step, I'm picking the mood I want and the lights/shades.
 My first idea about the main mood of this  illustration is quite close to the one I chose for my final illustration. I wanted a lot of red, with warm yellow/orange lights, as a reminder of the Gryffindor house which is represented by yellow and red. But I also tried other moods. It's always interesting, you can find new paths and new moods, and it can comforts you in your choice. I picked the 2nd thumb. 

3- Grey tones sketch. Here I'm working on the lights again, and on the shapes, but I'm going deeper in the idea I want. Also, this sketch is coming just before the final step, so I'm adding more details on the characters. When I'm ready, I'm painting over this sketch.

4- And the final step : The colors and details.
This the serious step, adding colors and details, adding textures and effects, and so on. I'm also retaking things, like the hand of Ron which was too big on the sketch, or the head of Hermione too small. This is the longest step, I think you know why =)

And then it's finished ! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Stay tuned !

jeudi 20 octobre 2011

It's all about Shapes and Values

Last weekend I was in a 2 days masterclass with the awesome, the fantastic, the brilliant Dice Tsutsumi ! ( You have to check his amazing work here : ) So of course, it was very interesting, very refreshing, and worked like a kick in the ass on me. Also, here is my new hobby : working on composition, lights and simple values.  They are my kryptonite, but also the key to do better stuff !
Here are some of my work, if you are interested in.
( clichés from 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Into the Wild', 'Mythomania' and 'Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien')

Stay tuned !

PS: Also, I added my website, my etsy shop and my inPRNT shop on the right high corner, don't forget to check them !

mardi 18 octobre 2011

Say Hi 'HIIIIII !'

Oh Hi everyone, this is my new blog. Maybe you come from the first one, which I gave up a bit, so sorry for that. BUT if you came here it's because maybe you're interested in what I draw, so thank you  for that ! 

Things are gonna change with this new blog : There will be more sketches and roughs and researches, maybe some photographies, and less finished illustration. Now that I have my own personal website, finished works will go on it ! The new blog will, I think, be a bit more personal and more interesting. For me it's like a new start, so I'm a bit excited.

So let's go for the new adventure, and let's start with a ginkgo leaf !

Stay tuned.