lundi 12 mars 2012


Hi there, long time no see ! I should have uploaded this blog, but I'm very busy these days. I had to move from Paris, to come back to my home town, and then... I will soon depart for Montreal ! Yeah ! I'm at the dawn of a new adventure, I can't wait to drown myself in this land for a whole year.
I will try to feed this blog with at least sketches, maybe illustrations. Speaking of it, my buddy öckto and I launched our common website. it's called 'the Dandy Manufacture', and you can see our works  here 
More things will be posted on it through the year. Just throw an eye on it, I will be glad if it please you = )

But right now I'm going to show you a little serie I did the last month. In fact, it's a serie of gifts and commissions : the Poker party was a gift for Sosou , the talented webmaster behind the Dandy Manufacture ; The raccoons ambush was commission for a friend, who will give it to her nephew; and finally, a friend asked me to draw him a cool Panda.

I think I will do more of humanized animals, it's kinda fun.

Stay Tuned !

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