mardi 20 mars 2012

Jak & Jean

Here's a little drawing I did for a serie I'm working on. This guy is called Jak McCoy, and he is an adventurer. Each month on the Dandy Manufacture, I'm releasing a painting where we can see where he is and what he's discovering = ) 
Also I did a little tribute to Jean Giraud, aka "Mœbius" and "Gir", a great french artist who passed away March 10th. To be honest, I discovered his illustrations very lately, and I read a few things from him, so I wasn't directly influenced by his work. But  I know that a lot of great artists that I admire were, and it was for me very reassuring to know that this guy was drawing somewhere, on earth. I hope new generations of artists will have interest in his very rich works. Also if you can try to watch interviews of him : They are little treasures of informations about how to understand Art.

Rest in peace sir.

Stay Tuned.

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